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For those not in the know, a selfie is when you take a photo of yourself, ALONE, generally on your smart phone. Why do people do it? Argument can be made (I’m not saying it’s good argument) for getting opinions on a new do, lipstick, hat, earrings, whatever. Even so, that happens on occasion, not once a day or week. Not taking those occasions into consideration, why do people take photos of themselves? Did they forget what they look like? Maybe they don’t have a mirror? Do they want to check their outfit? Do they think that their friends, family, followers forgot what they look like? And why do they post the photos to their social media feeds? Is it a self-confidence thing? Are they unsure of themselves so they need another’s approval? Do they not have fashion sense so they need a second (or 50th) opinion? Ever notice who the culprits are? Check your social media feed. Scroll down over the course of a month and see who has posted photos of themselves. It’s the same old people doing it day after day, week after week, month after month. Now look at all the people who don’t post selfies. Maybe those that do it don’t realize how they look or how people perceive them. Maybe it’s an attention thing. I’m lost at this whole phenomenon so I don’t know. Do you?